Sunday, April 5, 2009

protecting your pen drive

So,You have a pen drive or USB drive

* you use it on other system with no anti-virus and you come back to your home with virus that crashes your computer ;D (in case you are still stuck with some crappy anti-virus,lol).

Anyways, i will tell you how i do it...

format your pen-drive.It will not take more than 10 sec's.
now open up command prompt by writing command in run.

now type the command that i have written below,Don't forget to replace 'k' with letter of your pendrive.
:\>Convert k: /fs:ntfs

after sometime the prompt will come exit.

Now,go to control panel
open folder options

Go to view tab and remove the tick from last option,see below.

Click okay and now open my computer and open your pen-drive.Make a folder there by name 'molecules'.

Now come back to my computer & right click on your pendrive's letter...
mine is k: as you can see below.

Click on security tab and remove tick from all check-boxes except read option.

Click ok.
Open pendrive,
and just right click on 'molecules' and click security tab,check full control & click ok.

Now let me try to send a file to pendrive...

Let's try to create a folder in pendrive's root...

So what has happened?? how are we going to use our pendrive...

Don't worry,to send any data to pen drive you will need to copy it and paste into the pendrive's 'molecules' folder.See below...

i created a folder testing and pasted the file i wanted to copy in pendrive.
This was all that you needed to do.
This will protect your root only.Not the folder 'molecules' in 'current scenario' as we gave full control to 'molecules' afterwards.
If you are going to use your pen drive for copying something on other computers then you can keep the molecules folder protected too i.e. don't check the full control checkbox.This will make sure that nothing can we written to drive or executed from the drive.So,now you can insert your pen drive on any system and give them the stuff they want or access your files without infecting your drive.
Usually i keep an updated copy of NOD32 AV on the pen drive and install it first then after scanning i give full control to 'molecules' folder.
This was i am always safe.Not only i can share my data with others but i am secure too.
I hope i helped you guys a bit.
Take care...


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  13. Hw is quick heal anti virus/? i had nod32 but it was crack version and i had to hunt for user name passwrd every 15 days or 1 mth, so i shifted to quick heal. let me knw.. Nidhi..
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