Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have started this just to share what i know...
i will be writing about what can be done,what to read and use...but not how ;)
i am not gonna spoon feed you.When i started in 1999 i was a curious kid like you.It was this hunger to know how they do it,how to beat them.I started taking interest in you know what.Someone told me once during those days "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"!
i hope u get the message...

this was just to initialize the blog.
i will be writing as soon as i get time.I am too busy these days with a lot of work.
Remember i will update when i want don't spam me.


  1. there is nothing like free lunch agreed .. but no lunches come free dear .. you cant ean them then you will snatch or steal them ... ;)

  2. I am here and ready to learn..I was only 10 in 1999! hahahahaha I need to learn from a pro!


  3. hey thts so great ....

    n u wont believ i keep always open for learning... n teaching,
    but unfortunately nowadays everybody think they are well literate and need not to take someone else wisdom...
    i think they have supeority complexx...

    really very inclined and stirred lines...

    Hv fun.. cheers:)

  4. @ sid

    u have to work to get lunch/breakfast/dinner in this world.No one will spoon feed you.

    Here u can't steal and can't earn the respect for free.This is my playfield...and i am a champ out here.

  5. @ NE

    welcome blue eyed beauty... ;)
    just posted an update...get set and go...
    remember nothing beats the feel of doing something that you are not supposed to do.


  6. @ Pallav

    welcome here pallav.

    i hope u do learn something here...and do respect what we do.Don't be's not that i am stopping you.. lol


  7. I LOVE FREE THINGS And because you said LUNCH I am so there. I am along for this Journey.


  8. @ chan
    sure dear, if you can have that much patience :)
    tc dear